Month: March 2022

Why go to a money lender?

As a small business loans, these loans can be very good if you do not have enough time to complete all the paperwork related to getting a traditional bank loan or any other type of loan from another institution. If you are looking for the best licensed money lender in philippines, you must go to a professional.

Why go to a Moneylender?

Being a business owner or even if you are just an ordinary person does not always guarantee a debt-free life. There may be times when you need financial support for a big purchase or something expensive but important.  When this happens, people or business owners will usually turn to banks to apply for loans.  However, getting a bank loan is not always as easy as they might expect.  Also, it can cost a lot of time and money.  Thankfully, there is another solution, and that is the lender.

A moneylender is one who provides capital for a business that needs money at an interest rate rather than a bank.  It will be based on your assets, such as real estate assets that you can use as collateral.  Unlike other types of loans such as car loans or mortgages, you will not even need a credit check when applying for this type of loan as there is no real risk as you use them for something valuable in your business. Have failed to return the balance with interest.

What are some of the benefits of using a Money Lender?

Many lenders can offer money loans to small business owners with low-interest rates, quick approval processes, and risk-free funding. Because moneylenders want not only to make a profit but also to make money, they are lending money so that it can be used for something that is affordable or quite viable in terms of repayment rate. You do not have to worry about the rejection of your loan application as no guarantee is offered by the borrower.


Although personal loans can save you money in times of great need, there are some examples you should avoid borrowing. Consider avoiding personal debt if:

1-   You can’t stand it.  Borrowing money in the short term is one thing, but remember that you still have to repay it.  If you are unable to repay your new personal loan monthly, consider giving it up.

2-   You don’t need it. If you are taking out a personal loan to cover the cost of a vacation or something you may not need in the near future, consider terminating it until you have more cash.

What are E-commerce Marketing and its importance?

Ecommerce Marketing is a technique of promoting a business that sells its products or services through the Internet. The objectives of eCommerce marketing are driving traffic to the online store, modifying visitors to paying customers, and retaining them after a purchase.

eCommerce marketing includes various actions to increase profits and ROI while decreasing investments in brand promotion. Some of them work better to persuade new customers, others to retain existing ones or elicit a purchase. That is the main purpose every business needs to try different types of marketing.

Here is some importance of eCommerce marketing:

eCommerce Helps You Reduce Your Costs

You don’t need to have all your products illustrated in a physical space to have an online store. Several companies operate online where they only show all their inventory through their electronic industry.

It suggests not only saving by not desiring a rental or purchase of premises, but also everything that involves electricity, the Internet, etc. Or, if you want to have one so that customers have a bodily space, it does not have to be as large as everything you offer. In either case, you will be decreasing your expenditures.

eCommerce Helps Businesses Go Global

Promptly related to the previous point, this fact allows you to put your products for sale anywhere. They will not have the obvious need to travel to where you are to see what you have to offer.

Running a physical store will be restricted by the geographical area that you can service, but owning an eCommerce website will allow you to boost your outreach. It’ll deliver your products & services to consumers worldwide, regardless of the distance and time zone.

eCommerce Can Be Done With Fewer Overheads & Less Risk

Starting an online store can mean considerably lower start-up costs than a brick-and-mortar retailer. The retailer or the online business owner doesn’t have to consider the massive expenses of shop rental, hiring a salesperson to woo the customer, utility bills, security regulations, etc. ECommerce, in turn, will encourage you to sell your products at competitive prices. Also, having an online store lets you enjoy improved profitability with less risk.

eCommerce Can Raise Your Brand & Expand Your Business

Having an eCommerce store can widen your range of products/services for sale, improve your business, bring you more customers, and diversify your sales. It’s a suitable way to take your brand from a traditional brick & mortar store to a creative, well-loved one.

With eCommerce, there is no need to have more than one branch, just one particular online store allowing you to fully reach customers without worrying about moving locations; you can just govern your online business from home.

Final Word

In general, it’s typically pretty simple, low-cost, and low-risk to start an eCommerce business. So long as you pick your products/services wisely, have a reasonable business plan, and pick the right partner to assist you to build your store, there’s plenty of potential for inactive income and high ROI over the long term.

Things to remember before choosing olive oil

wholesome eating Experts may dispute the benefits of carbohydrates, coconut oil, and butter, but extra-virgin olive oil is about as contentious as leafy greens; almost everyone agrees on it. But here’s the catch: Not all olive oils are the same. It turns out that there’s a lot to learn about choosing and purchasing the finest one. To begin, it’s important to understand what the phrase “extra-virgin” means when it’s used to olive oil. The essential to virgin oil is that it is olive oil collected from the olive only by mechanical means, with no chemicals or heat added.

How is olive oil produced?

The production of olive oil has a long history in the Mediterranean area, where several generations of olive growers have passed down their secrets for many decades. Olives must have been cared for several years before they can be transformed into olive oil. Olive care is a time-consuming operation that necessitates a lot of trimming. Producing olive oil requires both quality and quantity; at least ten pounds of olives are required to produce one liter of olive oil. Olives are harvested by machines and by hand and then delivered to a processing factory.

 Typically, processing occurs soon after harvest to reduce harm to the olives and to preserve their quality. The olives are cleaned and the leaves, twigs, and stems are removed before being crushed by stainless steel rollers and pulverized into a paste. b After processing the paste, we separate the pure oil from the worthless pulp.

Black containers are preferable.

Light, like air and heat, may cause olive oil to deteriorate early. To readily separate the excellent from the bad, search for darker glass bottles and avoid transparent ones, especially those made of plastic. A reputable manufacturer will take care to ensure that their packaging does not jeopardize the longevity of their product.


If you get the chance to try olive oil before purchasing it, take advantage of it. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters, because if you buy food and don’t enjoy the flavor, what’s the point, right? If it’s fresh, it should smell and taste like fresh olives, which should be grassy, green, and delicious in certain variations. If it’s rotten, you’ll probably taste crayon notes, or it’ll smell and taste like rancid walnuts.

The production date, as well as the plant name, should be printed on the container

The more information you provide, the better. Only the best olive oil will often have a harvest date. If a label mentions the producer’s or estate’s name, or the kind of olive used, it’s almost certainly authentic. Getting even more technical, if the free fatty acidity level, or FFA, is listed, that’s a good indicator. Only high-quality makers usually bother to include it.


Look for oils with a strong bitter and pungent flavor. They are also the ones with the highest phenol content. But don’t worry if you prefer oil that doesn’t have that bite or peppery flavor; they’re just as healthy. It does not necessarily suggest that the oil is of lower quality; it might be a really fine and pleasant oil that simply lacks a high polyphenol content.